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Welcome to The Trance Alchemy Process

"Feel the magic"

The process is done privately online over Zoom

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Pure Joy is Your True Nature

As you go through the 4 week process you will get lighter and freer in each meeting. Reality will begin to change in a very positive way for you because you will own who you are.  

Dwaine will guide you to the key points of release in your life so to bring out of you the magic of the God within you. With the use of your own God within there is no problem that you can't transcend. 

You were born a creator of reality but hypnotized into limitation. Imagine what that will be like to free your personal magic from suppression. 

Many feel lighter in the first meeting and then the great unfoldment of freedom begins, because you have been trapped so long the acceleration of your expansion is quite delightful.

You are freer than you know

Join us in the process & be your own magic

We are making a difference in the world by awakening and using our own abilities. What couldn't you change if you knew and felt you were your own God. Dwaine doesn't heal you he teaches you to step through a door inside you where you meet your own healer within, this is why every meeting is pure friggen magic.

When you book the free chat, Dwaine will cover all the things you need to know about the process pricing and options. This chat will be done face to face over zoom.  

The 4 week Trance Alchemy Process is about you stepping into your magical Vortex and owning your own power. Below is just one example of how your process can go but you always have the flexibility in each session.   

1 Remove the critic

For the process to run smooth the critic needs to be out of the way so the magical consciousness can come forward again. Once out of the way the child will feel safe to be with you again.

2 Inner child work

Out of the thousands of people who have had inner child work done before somewhere else when they come to see Dwaine.  all say why is this method so beautifully, amazing, loving and fun. Over 20 years in development Dwaine's inner child work is fun and freeing. Because therapy should be fun and freeing or people won't want to do it .   

3 The magical inner Child

When you meet the magical inner child everything changes magic floods in to you again as you enter your original consciousness. The love and acceptance is delightful. You get to know where you came from and what your purpose is for coming here.

4 God Consciousness

As the magic of the child is released the natural evelution into the god/goddess you are can occur. The evelution of you into god was held back from humanity for thousands of years until now. What couldn't you do if you could know and feel you are God.  

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At The time of purchase you have your choice of maintenance packages that are simply maintenance or towards training as a hypnotherapist in this process.   

What to expect from the process

 Open eyed trance States.

Since 2000 Dwaine has researched and implemented the power of the opened eyed trance.

He found the true problem was not unconscious behaviours but the peramiters set by the conscious mind that was the problem. 

With open eyed trance a powerful bridge is built between your conscious mind and unconscious (The God Within) returning you to the power of one mind in divine harmonic union.


No Scripts only you

Although there are guide posts to take you from A-B, the process is about you.

Dwaine custom makes every session in your process with your specifics so he will be asking you many questions.

 You will feel the difference because the session will be all about you and you implementing your own abilities.  

This is why all sessions are scriptless because with you in the process it is much more personal and powerful.

Dr. Dwaine is a true magician.

When it comes to human psychology Dwaine is an innovator in processes that free you in a short time. The first thing you will notice is it feels like you already know him. The processes are fun you laugh alot from the freedom you experience.

His true gift is the ability to bring freedom, magic, and the flow of life out of you and into your life again. So you will experience high vibrational healing and laugh about it the whole time with him.  

There is greatness in you.

When you were born you came in full of love magical and knowing all things. Still connected to your source you lived in a magical consciousness. Creation, manifestation was a normal thing and then the programming began.

You were programmed into limitation and to compare yourself to others who were being programmed too.  Imagine now comming back to your original consciousness and starting your life over again a new with your pure magic ... this is what to expect from Dwaine's Trance Alchemy Process. 

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