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 “The only thing that has ever stopped you from what you want in your life,

is exactly what Dwaine is about to teach you to transcend”

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Pure Joy Is Your True Nature

Imagine the feeling of dancing happily in the flow of life in pure joy and delight again.

Dwaine conducts the Trance Alchemy process online with you over zoom and in minutes of meeting him you start to feel lighter about life. You were born a free being but were programmed to live in limitation. Freedom is the return to your original consciousness.

Make the jump you will be delighted about.

In the Trance Alchemy process, Dwaine will help you release the old program, so you can step in and experience your original magical consciousness… Pure Joy Is Your True Nature.

“In the inner state of bliss, you have no choice but to manifest bliss in your life because your inner state has always manifested your reality”

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"When a whole society is addicted to left brain thinking the cure in any therapy is missed because it was never an analytical thing. The root was always an unexpressed right brain. For if a client is in their right mind they can create their own healing. People are magic like that"

Dr. Dwaine Hartman The Trance Alchemist

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Trance Alchemy is an advanced level of hypnotherapy created for the soul purpose of bringing you back to your original God Consciousness. 

Think About it what couldn't you change or heal if you knew you were God.

The consciousnesses you were born with is pure magic. 

You were born source energy"the magic" and then convinced of limitation by society.

I know how to jog your memory back to magic. Once you begin to remember your magic It will flood naturally up through you again changing your life.

You are manifesting everything in your life and when you get back in alignment with the magic that you are everything flows and you know what happens when everything flows ... you come back to joy and you laugh and laugh in freedom.

Are you ready to transform your reality?

When you are ready

You will come to the river
The source of all waters

Here you will wash away the heaviness
All that has kept you in your sorrow of you
Freeing you into the delight of living

Only when you are weary enough of postponement
Will you choose to let go into the truth of you
Letting go of all you are not

There in the reflection of the river
You will see you
In your true nature
The path to all great healing begins here By: Dwaine Hartman

About Dwaine

Dr. Dwaine Hartman is a world-renowned Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist nick named The Trance Alchemist he is sought out for his unique ability to find, raise and release the magic of life in you again. He has travelled the world teaching his unique life freeing techniques to many.

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